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Welcome to new school

Championed ‘New School’ thinkers for Google Chromebook to raise awareness that it’s a laptop for everyone. Teaming up with chef Dan Hong, Olympian skateboarder Poppy Starr Olsen and fashion designer Jenny Kee – inspirational Aussies that embody the Chromebook new school mindset of ‘anyone can Chromebook – regardless of generation, gender, race, age, sex, ability, sexuality, socio-economics or geography’.

Reconceptualising Google's global campaign and localising for an Aussie audience, as well as significantly reworking their design system. Rolled out across YouTube, radio, Spotify, OOH, social and digital, and supported Dan Hong's passion project to save Chinatown restaurants.

Chromebook Radio
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Kate Ross, creative, copywriter, Sydney, Paris, portfolio

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