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Kate Ross is a Senior Creative, currently working at R/GA Australia with her art director other half, Courtney. She's passionate about creating with purpose, with a focus on integrated digital, social and tech. This has led her to vaccinate a Brooklyn block, celebrate every woman's body, champion female athletes and find women friends to pee with.

She's worked for clients including Bumble, Google, Nike, Samsung, Telstra and Uber, with campaigns recognised by ADC, AdNews, AICP, AiMCO, B&T, Clios, Fast Company, MAD STARS, Mumbrella, The One Show and Webby’s. She's also twice mentored aspiring creatives as an AWARD School tutor, with five making NSW Top Ten.

In past lives, she's dabbled in content writing, journalism, EFL content creation, linguistics and cocktail shaking. Learn more here.

Some non-work things she enjoys include that time she lived in Paris, NYTimes recipes, making amateur ceramics, patting dogs that don't belong to her, that other time she lived in Jakarta, feminism, being a cat mom and blasting anything indie-adjacent. She has dual British-Australian citizenship.

Kate Ross, creative, copywriter, Sydney, Paris, portfolio

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