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Kate Ross is a Senior Creative, currently working at R/GA Sydney with her art director other half, Courtney. She's vaccinated a Brooklyn block, made hot sauce hot property, found women friends to pee with, brought a purple, jet-powered hand to life and apparently has a thing for getting sausages in ads.

Clients include Bumble, GoDaddy, Google, Qantas, NRL, Samsung, Telstra and Uber.

In past lives, she's dabbled in content writing, journalism, EFL content creation, linguistics and cocktail shaking. Learn more here.

Some non-work things she enjoys include that time she lived in Paris, taking bad photos of good street art, patting dogs that don't belong to her, that other time she lived in Jakarta, feminism, being a cat mom and 2000s indie. She has dual British-Australian citizenship.

Kate Ross, creative, copywriter, Sydney, Paris, portfolio