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Kate Ross, creative, copywriter, Sydney, Paris, portfolio

The One Show

  • Social Post / Real-time Response: Shortlisted

Webby Awards

  • Social / Sports: Nominee

  • Social / Events & Live Streams: Nominee

ADC Awards

  • Advertising: Interactive: Design for Good: Interactive: Shortlisted

  • Advertising: Out Of Home: Point Of Purchase: Shortlisted

  • Advertising: Social Media: Snapchat: Shortlisted

  • Experiential Design: Digital Experiences: Augmented/Mixed Reality: Shortlisted

AICP Next Awards

  • Digital Experiences: Shortlisted

  • Experiential: Shortlisted

  • Influencer: Shortlisted

  • Social: Shortlisted


B&T Awards

  • Best Use of Tech: Finalist

Clio Awards

  • Fashion & Beauty Marketing: Bronze

Clio Sports Awards

  • Digital: Augmented Reality: Bronze

  • Social Media: Snapchat: Shortlisted

Fast Company Innovation By Design Awards

  • Retail: Honorable Mention

  • Sports & Recreation: Honorable Mention


  • Brand Experience & Activation: Cosmetic/Beauty/Clothing/Footwear: Shortlisted

  • Brand Experience & Activation: Use of Merchandising/In-store Marketing: Shortlisted


The One Show

  • Experiential: Customer Experience: In-Person: Shortlisted

  • Interactive, Online & Mobile: Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality: Shortlisted

  • Social Media: Influencer Marketing: Single-Channel: Shortlisted

  • Social Media: Stunts/Activations: Shortlisted

Webby Awards

  • Advertising, Media & PR: Augmented Reality: People's Voice Winner

  • Advertising, Media & PR: Best Social Commerce/Shopping Campaign: People's Voice Winner

  • Advertising, Media & PR: Installation or Experience: Honoree

ADC Awards

  • Advertising: Design for Good: Advertising: Series: Shortlisted

  • Advertising: Direct: Digital: Single: Shortlisted

  • Advertising: Integrated: Digital: Shortlisted

  • Interactive: Craft in Online: Mobile: Content Strategy: Shortlisted

  • Interactive: Social Media: Wildcard: Shortlisted

AICP Next Awards​

  • Influencer: Shortlisted

  • Integrated Campaign: Shortlisted

  • Social: Shortlisted

The One Show

  • Social Media: Influencer Marketing: Multi-Channel: Merit

  • Cultural Driver: Shortlisted

  • Health & Wellness: Direct Marketing: Shortlisted

  • PR: Current Event Response: Shortlisted


Webby Awards

  • Advertising, Media & PR: Integrated Campaign: Winner

  • Advertising, Media & PR: Best Cause Related Campaign: Honoree

AiMCO Awards

  • Best Instagram Partnership: Winner

Campaign Brief

  • Campaign Brief Hot List


  • Brand Integration Award: Shortlisted

B&T Awards

  • Best Ad Campaign: Shortlisted

  • Best Media Campaign: Shortlisted

Mumbrella CommsCon Awards

  • Best B2B Campaign: Shortlisted

  • Best Social Media or Digitally Led Campaign: Shortlisted

Humblebrags c/o ChatGPT

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I can only assume my success is due to my expert-level procrastination skills, which forced me to come up with creative solutions in the eleventh hour.

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Well, I never thought winning all these awards would be possible, but I guess it just goes to show that even a broken clock can be right twice a day. Thank you to everyone who believed in me, especially my parents who always said I'd never amount to anything.

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I am both honoured and completely bewildered to receive these awards! I mean, I'm still not entirely sure what an advertising creative does, but I'm glad I'm apparently good at it.

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It's like someone gave me a participation trophy, but actually meant it.

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I'm not sure if this means I'm officially a 'creative genius' or just really good at convincing people to buy things they don't need, but either way, I'll take it.

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Wow, this is incredible! I feel like I should start by thanking my therapist for helping me deal with my imposter syndrome. And of course, I couldn't have done it without the support of my team, my cat and copious amounts of caffeine.

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